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CWN Down Draft Paint Booth

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To be able to offer a lifetime warranty on or paint work we use the best coatings and sealers available. Experience has proven to us that the PPG Nexa Auto Color paint system out performs all others. With the best paint system we use the best equipment and that includes the CWN Down Draft Spray Cabin and Baking Booth. CWN is manufactured to the highest standards of efficiency and quality, taylor made for us, and erected by their experienced engineers.

Paint Prep Stations

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Preparation for painting is critical in order to deliver that factory look to your vehicle's finish. Controling the environment around the vehicle is essential for a quality finish. Protecting the environment during the process is as important. We are able to do just that through the use of custom made Paint Prep Stations.  We have control of the dust and spray residues from start to finish.

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